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tv   CBS 5 News at 6  CBS  September 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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breaking news guadalupe sheriff's deputies rushed to a shirt -- church after reports of gunfire. we are told it started at a fight the shooting happened across the street from the church and no one was hurt and suspects are being questioned now. >> just this evening police released police shootings. the body cam video shows an officer running up to other
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will hear four gunshots and see scott on the ground . officers believe the video and other evidence will back up their accounts of how things unfolded. they said scott had a gun but his family continues to deny that he was armed. back in the valley sheriff and his posse out on a special patrol . spec they are going door to door making sure registered sex offenders are not breaking the law. >> i don't want a sex offender living in a neighborhood >> on his day off and for free posse member mark hanley was door-to-door to check up on registered sex offenders. he's not gone gone we noticed that >> it is a posse he helped form 20 years ago to verify lead levels 12 and three offenders are living in the homes they registered with the sheriff's
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and i'm very compliant . spec if you have the 70 offenders on sheriff joe's list he sent out this morning. >> if you are going to move you had better let us know. >> the team started at 6 am and found three offenders in violation of failing to report their location. >> want to know and the public wants to know where they are at. >> is as they verify all parts of 50 addresses and called today's operation a success. >> i have four children and this is one of the reasons why i do this job and they do it for free. tonight a man stumbled into a phoenix fire station after someone shot him. it happened in 23rd avenue. and camelback road. ativan is suspected to survive but we're still waiting for police to release more information about possible suspects or motives in the shooting. >> a lot of cleanup tonight at a warehouse near 35th avenue. and clarendon. it was badly damaged in a fire is morning.
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system contained the flames to just one part of the building. no word on what sparked the fire. -- fryar -- two men trying to break into vehicles even opening fire on a neighbor who confronted them. >> reporter: early on the morning of september 3 27-year- old valley man opened his front door to walk to his car down the street from his home. he saw two men for breaking into neighborhood cars. he got into an altercation with the two men when one of them shot in the chest. >> we have no indication there is any relationship before this so what are looking at is probably what started the crime and then the victim was shot in the chest and this could have been a homicide. so although they are helpful -- thankful that the victim survived the fact they were willing to shoot someone on the property is of high concern.
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say they need to catch up with these two men they are hoping this new video will help them do it. if you have any information about this shooting all recognize either of these two men you are asked to go silent witness. you can call anonymously and there is a reward of up to $1000 for information. >> good evening everyone. we have a nice breeze and clear skies with average. 90 degrees is the high and if you get up early enough to catch the 60s we started at 62 this morning. can one -- cbs 5 pinpoint doppler shows a quiet weather pattern over the next 24 hours so what can we expect over the next few evening? 79 x 9 p.m. and that is where the state to the 10 pm hour. so it is definitely a good night to be outside. your seven day forecast coming
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>> it can wait for talking about texting and driving. >> it reminds of the tragically terrible consequences of distracted driving. >> gives the person a virtual reality of what a distracted driver is doing on the phone and they simply can't say. >> this is awesome. >> eight-year-old caitlin spalding they be too young to drive that at this age she already knows getting behind the wheel and texting at the same time. >> i was reading the texts and i was like opec? so once i looked up there's something in front of you and something beside you. >> dozens of others got to's experience today is part of the it can wait campaign.
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drivers of all ages . spec if kids are in the car and they see their parents do it by the time they drive they think it is okay for some parents need to look at the behavior and examples they are sitting. >> the number of distracted drivers in arizona is higher than other states because we have no laws banning texting and driving. >> so that is why we're telling people to put your phone away for 21 days and then you won't have to think about it anymore. it will be habit and you will be looking at your phone on the >> for those who text and drive caitlin has a message. >> it's bad driving get off your phone. >> 10 million drivers have pledged to not text and drive. the goal is to reach 60 million by the end of this year. coming out how a selfie can help keep you safe while riding in an uber.
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today. the phoenix fire department helped install car seats for moms and dads. they said 80% of car seats are not put in property which could endanger the child. no one is being judged here but we are grateful that they come in and take the time us to help them . spec car crashes are a leading cause of death for children age 1 to 13. d stepping up security measures. drivers will be contrite -- required to confirm their identity with the selfie before each shift. it's to help prevent fraud on a drivers account. >> it was family day at the zoo to support families in need. it was the eighth annual walk for homeless families. >> it's important to me because
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think it's very important to have other people that are in need. >> the stars of today's events but the people. >> were the largest provider of services to homeless people in the state. they sell biggest fundraiser . spec walk for homeless families raises money to support 170 homeless families every single night. >> being on the inside real work that they do and it's not something that every one sees . that is sustainable. we get excited about it. >> affordable housing in the case study shows 93% of households enrolled in the housing services and have not repented
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valley families get to help. >> think of others. he don't have to give a lot. it's just that everybody is conscious and it helps other people and goes a long way. >> it looks like a great event out there. we have got more just weather for the rest of the weekend.
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service national museum helps to tell a richer and
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the lives also. >> president. obama speaking today at the new smithsonian museum of american history. he says the museum help americans better understand each other. it sits on the washington monument holding more than 3000 artifacts. the majority of the museum is below ground. the manager said it is the way
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a whole in the process voters after waiting for issues that relate to them. social security terrorism and homeland security. experts are predicting a super bowl monday's showdown in new york an estimated 100 million people expected see if someone is at 6 pm is followed by special edition of the news. >> beverage
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ice core 5768 in payson 58 and 69 in prescott all of picking up we have a north wind and the strongest wind gusts were going to be experiencing you. we have our wind gust between 15 miles hour and 20 n. hour. no watches all warnings in place things if you look at the pinpoint doppler to jump ahead to this evening because not a lot is going to be happening for us as we head to tonight and tomorrow. so things will be relatively quiet as we head into 6 am on sunday. maybe a few clouds make their way in otherwise we don't get to see any bit of moisture moving until we head into the start of the day on
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getting a light to moderate shower to move up into the phoenix area so little is about 8 pm monday otherwise the bulk of the moisture is just to the east of us on monday but will get a chance to see moisture as we head into tuesday. 70 is the overnight lows tonight 39 for flagstaff 45 four prescott. and warm a little warmer than we were today. 77 in sedona 65 for flagstaff and 94 for bullhead city. seven-day forecast will increase clouds and wind on monday we bring in a 10% chance for a little bit of drizzle on your tuesday and wednesday. damages will be back in the 90s and go back to our normal temperatures as we head into friday afternoon.
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20 countries are taking part in the event it looks like so much fun. it combines skydiving with handwriting as part of competition they have to jump from 1000 feet in the air and landed on a target that is just 32 feet in diameter. today is the last day of the trial run. finals begin tomorrow. >> i won that contest last by the way. i really did. the arizona cardinals bills. the cardinals looking for a first win at buffalo since 1971. and tonight we have college football. pack your snacks and sit back in your favorite man cave.
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start tonight the scoreboard
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working person. he will score once or twice and many times more. the squads are averaging a lot again. sun devils know about driving out 68. they are putting up a robust 260 yards game on the ground. led by quarterback davis web leads the pack averaging 453 yards. kids are not in school the teacher to ground breaks for this one. >> the strength of the team is their offense and ability to score points. i was impressed. they were very well coached. they had a close game that they lost in san diego state. they had a similar game to what we had last week. they came back and beat the 11th so they have momentum coming in here and are very disciplined.
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the huskies only give up 10 points a game. the home team has won every team since 2008. spartans on the move. leo knew so a hero to his tomb mates -- team mates . 66 yards for a touchdown. and corey climate running with the touchdown. number 23 drive picked up by derek jones. he is a rebel running free down the sidelines. 52 yard touchdown. rebels quarterback check kelly thinks is the best in college football. looks good right here.
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role 4514. -- 45-14. the rebels run to buffalo for sunday fun. gametime temperature 58 degrees. they aren't afraid to head outside the state. last year arizona won its final five road games. after scoring three touchdowns in the win over tampa he takes the defense to 31 points the cardinals defense faces the defense with quarterback and receiver sammy watkins does not expect to play. >> their backs are against the wall and were prepared for as much as possible. you cannot be prepared for everything especially coach ryan. but you've got to go into these games expecting anything. >> this football team is
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eliminate those on sunday. >> ice baby. he has a lot of young offensive talent the captain scored a team high. >> i am excited. to see what young guys can bring. and the second and third and step. we have a whole lot of them in the second year. seeing them take that step will be a lot of fun. >> mercury facing liberty. bringing the game to the big apple 16 foot tied at 25 after one. phoenix outscored new york in the second penny taylor of the thunder from down under.
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them as they advance and tonight brace yourselves a lot of points and offense and no defense in this one. online whoever makes just one more try undisciplined. they will get their fourth win of the season but it will be a shootout. >> and we will be watching. up next on the news at 630 the moment officers shot and killed a black man. now out there for everyone to see. we will break it down for you next. storm and several school threats just this last week on social media.
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